The One About B’s Accident

Friday, September 21, 2007

Some days, even my lucky rocketship underpants won’t even help.
~Calvin and Hobbes

So last night I went from work to get my hair cut and from there to a party store to get balloons and streamers and stuff for Jamer’s 30th birthday, which is tomorrow (ha ha… had to say it, Jamers!). Then I went home to bake a double layer cake for her.

Just as I was about to put the cake in the oven, B called to tell me he was on his way over to do his homework (his Internet isn’t working) and to store the antique sewing machine he found at a second hand shop in my basement (he’ll be selling it on Ebay later).

Ten minutes later, the cake is in the oven and I’m in the other room and barely hear the phone ring. Good thing I did. I saw that it was B calling and picked up the phone teasing him about calling me again so soon.

“Babe, a deer just hit me and its antlers hit me in the head… I need you to get here now,” was what IWhite-tail deer heard. His voice scared me shitless and I started imagining his face with blood pouring out of it from gashes where the antlers had struck. He was kinda out of it and I had to ask several times where he was just to get it out of him. He wasn’t very coherent at all. My big, strong 6’5″ Navy man sounded like a lost little boy and I knew I had to get to him ASAP.

Luckily I was able to process thoughts and turned off the oven where the cakes still had 30 minutes left to bake. I gated the dogs in the livingroom, grabbed my keys and my phone and threw some shoes on sans socks. Actually, I was in yoga pants (sans undies!) and a t-shirt… luckily it was still 75 or so out.

As I was driving there, I heard an ambulance in the distance (which is kinda freaky because as I’m typing this, I hear and see some driving by going to the same area… he was about 1/2 a mile from where I work). I ended up getting there after the police and firetrucks but before the ambulance.

I saw him up and moving around, so that was a good sign. I parked in a parking lot across the street and ran across the road (yeah, jaywalking in front of cops, but I didn’t care at that point). He sounded a lot better but looked quite shaken up… and there was no blood! Just some swelling beginning around his eye.

It turns out that what most likely happened is the deer hit the side and somehow kicked (or something) the driver’s side mirror, which broke loose and flew through his open window and hit him in the temple/eye region.

Accident report stuff ensued and the paramedics checked him out. He said he felt fine but would leave it up to them if he needed to go to the hospital. They ended up deciding that if he felt worse, he could go to the ER later.

And that’s just what we did.

He was able to drive his truck to my house (though the driver’s window wouldn’t go all the way up). We put a pack of vegetables on it and thought he’d settle in for the night.

Around 10:30 (the accident happened at 8:30), he started feeling a bit dizzy if he stood up too quickly or turned his head too quickly. He also said that his whole body felt “heavy” like if you were to wake from a deep sleep and feel like you are in a fog. His pupils were also veerrry tiny and fixed. Yeah, it was time for the ER.

Of course, it was a crazy night at the ER so it was a while before we were seen (something like an hour and a half). Too bad we didn’t go to the other hospital because if they don’t see you in 20 minutes, at least you get a $20 check! Oh well.

So after waiting and waiting, we were taken back to a bed. After waiting some more and being seen by a nurse and thenCAT scan after waiting some more, the doctor showed up. Of course, he ordered a CAT scan, so there was more waiting until that happened. And then more waiting to see the result of the scan.

Luckily, he just ended up having some contusions and swelling. We just have to watch for him getting worse or getting physically ill.

So yeah, we are extremely lucky that he was in his big truck rather than on his motorcycle.

And as for the cake? Well, I just turned the oven back on after we got back from the accident (and before the ER visit). It looks okay although the first layer of the double layer cake didn’t come out cleanly. But since it’s a double layer cake, it’s frosted so hopefully everyone will be none the wiser.

Hopefully it’ll taste good even though it didn’t raise like it should. I’ve never had it before, but it sounds yummy… it’s a caramel cake with caramel whipped frosting… mmmmm!



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