The One About Pet Therapy

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dogs are miracles with paws.
~ Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

So last night Chase and I went to the Kalamazoo Humane Society for his temperament testing. And he passed! congrats.jpgNot that I didn’t think he would since we’ve done pet therapy for hospice before so he’s used to the wheelchairs and stuff. That means I have his shots updated on Monday (he’s due in the next few weeks for his yearlies) and get filled out form from the vet saying it is okay, we can start pet therapy. That is, as long as we can find a place that will allow us to come in evenings or on weekends.

So I think I broke my toe last night. B moved a fan in my hallway out of his way but didn’t put it in the same place I do. So I walked into my dark bedroom to get something and bam! My baby toe got caught in the fan’s front (it wasn’t on) and my foot went the other way. It’s totally my fault for not turning on the light to see where I was going. Guess I’ll learn for next time.

My toe swelled up pretty quickly last night and even this morning, when I try to bend my toes, only my big toe and my second toe bend. I have to concentrate very hard to bend the last three and it really hurts to do it. So I’m not in heels today and I’m keeping my shoes off as much as I can (the executive director isn’t here today, so I can walk around the office area sans shoes!) . I have an extra chair pulled up beside me for when my toe gets to throbbing so I can elevate it.

I’m so excited for this weekend. Guess what I have planned? Nothing! Well, other than laundry, cleaning and lawn mowing. But it’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend (75 and sunny tomorrow and 79 and sunny Sunday) and I don’t have to be anywhere. I can just enjoy it. Lovely. This might just be the last “perfect” weekend until next spring/summer. fall-leaves.jpg Maybe I can convince B to take me to the beach to watch the sun set at one night.

The leaves are really starting to change around here. Tinges of orange, red and yellow are beginning to appear. I really do love fall… I’m just not a fan of the season that follows it.



  1. Hi! Found you through my tag surfer (dogs). I was reading about Chase on your About My Animals page and that is so awesome that he is a pet therapy dog! I have a chocolate lab, my hubs and my first dog, and we are so in love with him although we love cats too and have a solid black one.
    Take care of the toe!

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