The One About Annie

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Leapin’ Lizards! Just look at this joint!
~Annie, from the musical Annie

So I was given free tickets to the musical Annie by my boss. We sometimes get things like that from the people weStage curtain advertise with. So I drug B nearly kicking and screaming to it.

But it was really good. At least I thought so. The kids in it were wonderful and everyone completely sounded like the 1999 musical movie of it—which actually surprised me because I expected them to have their own sound, ya know?

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. B is getting back at me by taking me to Cats next month. He was a band geek in high school and played a set from the musical and wants to hear what it “is really supposed to sound like.” Fine with me.

In other news, B just took me for lunch to my favorite restaurant, R. Stanley’s (awesome BBQ pulled pork sandwich in bourbon BBQ sauce and delectable desserts the likes of which most people haven’t seen). I saw him in his dress blues… which I haven’t seen before since they changed over to them from their summer whites on October 1. All I can say is YUMMY! I’m so lucky to have a guy like him *blush*


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