The One About Chase’s Owie

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.
~Roger Caras

Sunday morning I let the dogs outside as per usual. When I let them in, I saw what all dog owners hate seeing: blood. Luckily it wasn’t everywhere, but Chase’s back leg had about a five-inch soaked area of blood. I yelled for B to come into the room and take Lulu to her crate because I knew she’d want to get in my way when I was dealing with Chase (she’s an attention hog).

So I brought Chase into the livingroom and had him lay down on a bed… which was promptly filled with blood wherever he touched. So I asked B to hold him while I went to get my handy-dandy supplies like hydrogen peroxide, gauze pads and triple antibiotic ointment. I cleaned the site with the hydrogen peroxide because it was pretty dirty. I was finally able to see where it was coming from.

He had four scratches down his leg about an inch and a half and one area that looked a bit puncture-wound type but was more like a flap of skin that had been sliced up. The latter is where it was bleeding the most. So I heldEMT Gel pressure on it for a while and while it slowed down, it wouldn’t stop. I realized that I didn’t have any EMT Gel (which helps close a wound) because Lulu had eaten it a few weeks prior (silly land-shark puppy!).

Now I know some of you are probably thinking that I should have taken him to the vet, but remember it was Sunday and the only vet open is the emergency vet–and that’s about $300 just to walk in, not to mention the cost of what might have been a small stitch or two but most likely just cleaning and bandaging (which I already did). I also knew it wasn’t that serious–legs tend to bleed like heads do. So B held onto Chase while I went out to the local Tractor Supply Company to get some EMT Gel and some vet wrap while I was at it (I didn’t have much left).

To make a long story short, Chase got all wrapped up. Hours later when I was about to go with B to his cousin’s birthday party, I went to check Chase’s leg and while I was unwrapping it, I encountered a lot of blood again. I think that it had started oozing again, which made the EMT Gel stop working. So I held it again until it stopped and then put several layers of gauze pad on it and vet wrapped it. I changed it again that night and while the wound itself wasn’t really bleeding, it had gone through the gauze pads. This morning, I re-wrapped it and it finally looked like it wasn’t bleeding anymore (still some on the gauze). So I put some triple-antibiotic ointment on it to help keep it from getting infected and to help it heal. I think he’s all better.

If it hasn’t totally stopped by tomorrow (it’s the type of wound that will ooze for a while), he’ll be going into the vet. I really don’t think they can do much other than what I’ve done. Now that it’s stopped oozing, I can’t even see where they could give it a stitch or anything because he just sliced the top layer of skin off.


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