The One About Thursday Thirteens- 1st Edition

Thursday, October 11, 2007

No one is listening until you fart.
~Author Unknown

Apparently there is something called “Thursday Thirteen” within the blogging community. It’s where you post, uh, 13 things about something. It can be things from 13 all-time favorite movies to 13 Halloween costumes I may consider to 13 reasons I didn’t sleep Tuesday night.

Anyway, today is my first “Thursday Thirteen.” Enjoy!

Thirteen Reasons Why I Will Miss Summer

  1. I love sunshine… last winter we went something like 3 or 4 weeks without seeing the sun.
  2. I would much rather be mowing the lawn than shoveling my driveway (even better since B has been mowing my lawn lately!)jump-lake.jpg
  3. Getting bundled up in a thick wool coat, hat, gloves and scarf just to make it 100 feet across my employer’s parking lot to get into my frozen car is not my idea of a good time.
  4. New/uninitiated drivers + icy road = enough said.
  5. Speaking of cars, I also don’t enjoy running outside after a shower to “warm up” my car’s engine… only to come back inside and find that my hair is now encased in small icicles—that will break your hair if you don’t let them thaw before bending.
  6. I like not having to dress my dogs up in thick warm coats complete with snoods (neck warmers) to go outside for exercise or to potty (greyhounds have almost no body fat so they need jackets).
  7. During summer, I don’t have to wash off my dogs’ paws to free them from salt that is put on the road/sidewalks that will end up burning their paw pads.
  8. I will miss my $60 per month gas/electric bill when I get the $230 one in the middle of winter thanks to a severe weather spell where temps are lucky to climb about 18 degrees Fahrenheit.
  9. Let’s see… “room temperature” is generally defined as 72 degrees. Let’s be generous and say 70. Now, an unbelievably hot day is, oh, 95—a 25 degree deviation from what is considered “comfortable.” An unbelievably cold day is one that doesn’t get above 15—a 55 degree difference. Enough said.
  10. I’ll miss it still being light enough to see outside at 10 p.m. In winter… that’s about 5 p.m.
  11. Speaking of light… it’s nice—not to mention it coordinates with your circadian rhythms—when the sun wakes you up in the morning. Waking up in the winter at 6 a.m. when it’s not only still dark, but so cold you don’t want to leave your warm bed, is a bear.
  12. I love eating fresh fruits and being able to stop at roadside stands to get just-picked produce. Mmmmm. Much better than Mexican strawberries that aren’t even ripe in January.
  13. Did I mention that I hate, hate, HATE the cold weather?

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  1. Well we moved south this summer, I am sick of HOT weather and want some cold and snow!! Wanna trade?

  2. Welcome to TT! I completely agree with you on the cold weather. I HATE it.

  3. Oh, I get sick of hot weather (I have no a/c) but sure, I’ll trade!

  4. I’m glad the summer is over! I live in Tennessee and it was miserable this year not to mention SOOOO dry. I should write thirteen reasons why I miss rain!

    But then, in the middle of winter I will long for warm weather.

  5. Welcome to TT! I dislike cold, too..that’s why I doubt I’ll ever move from SoCal! Weather’s great! Thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend!

  6. I hate cold weather also. Arg! And icy roads? That’s just one more thing to send me diving back under the covers!
    Happy TT!

  7. Welcome to TT. I can relate, living in the frozen North in central Alberta. We don’t have the humidity from the great lakes or anything which does help, but we can get pretty cold. I lived a winter in Michigan when I was a teen, and the humid cold was pretty bad.

  8. Yup… that’s what makes it bitterly unbearable… the humid cold–the kind of cold that sucks all the air from your lungs.

  9. I’m not sure where you live but that really doesn’t sound fun! Particularly the frozen hair thing!

  10. Well, the only time this Florida girl saw snow was on family trips to Canada over 20 years ago. We are supposed to be moving to South Carolina and I am hating it.

    But I am so sick of heat all year round and having to deal with hurricanes.

  11. […] like my post last week about Thursday Thirteen, I’m going to join another blogging tradition: Worldless […]

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