The One About Plans to Update the House

Friday, October 12, 2007

Leisure only means a chance to do other jobs that demand attention. 
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

I’m so ready for the weekend, as I’m sure most of you are.  It just seems that I have soooo much to do besides work that I’ll never get it all done.

Good news is that I have been approved to get my home equity loan away from a big-name bank to a local credit union (not that I really was worried since I have a high credit score).  Big-name bank screwed me out of approximately $900 in July/August.  So even though I’ve been at that bank since I was 19 and even worked there for two years (!), I’m taking every single thing I have away from them: checking account, savings account, home equity loan, credit card and car loan. 

It won’t make a difference to them because I’m small potatoes… um, even smaller than small potatoes… I’m a single pea within a single pod in a vast field of pea pods.  But it makes a difference to me because they will no longer make any money off me.

And with the home equity loan, I decided to take out a couple thousand more so that I could do some much-needed updates on my house.  My refrigerator’s freezer doesn’t keep things frozen and the fridge part doesn’t cool evenly—some stuff is cool and some stuff is frozen.  So I’m getting a new one.

Also on my list are these possibilities:

  • New wall oven to replace mine that probably was built with the house in 1963.  It can’t even hold a regular-sized cookie sheets in it.
  • New vinyl floor for the family room and possibly into the kitchen.  This needs to be done ASAP because the people who had the house before me put WHITE pseudo-berber carpet in.  Yeah, the family room is where my dogs come in from the backyard.  With their muddy paws.  All eight paws.
  • Add another 6 inches of insulation in my attic.  I need this because I only have 6 inches in it and 12 inches are recommended.  This won’t cost much.hammer
  • Having B build me some extra cabinets that go over the refrigerator and replacing my curio with floor-to-ceiling cabinets.  I really would like more cupboard space and a place to put my mops and vacuum.

My list of stuff that I want to get done in the next year or so is:

  • Landscaping in the front yard.
  • Tearing up the rest of the carpet in my house (my bedroom, hallway and livingroom) and sanding and re-staining the gorgeous hardwood floors I know lurk beneath.
  • Taking the kitchen cupboard doors off and sanding them then adding molding to them and re-staining them to make them look newer and more modern.  Of course, this will happen sooner if I decide to go with B building more cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Help B with building a deck off my family room’s sliding glass door to the backyard.  It’s a perfect place for one.

And of course the one thing I really, really want to get done that doesn’t cost anything but time: throw away (give what I can to charity) a bunch of crap I don’t need in my house.  Downsize, downsize, downsize!

All this is, of course, in preparation of:

A. Loving my house even more and
B. Getting my house to look it’s best and to add value if I move with B when he leaves in a year and a half.

Normally I’d hate the thought of moving again, but hey! If I move with B, the Navy will move every last thing for us!  That’s the way to move, I tell ya!

So if you have a house, what are your plans for updating it?  If you don’t have plans or don’t have a house, what are your plans for the winter?


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