The One About No Weekend

Monday, October 29, 2007

I wish I could stand on a busy corner, hat in hand, and beg people to throw me all their wasted hours. 
~Bernard Berenson

I truly hate it when I only get one day off a week.  I genuinely need two days off… one to relax and re-group and one to get things done.

I worked nearly 60 hours this past week and while I know a lot of people do it, it’s exhausting to me because I was having a flare as well.  I work at a museum and we had a family-friendly Halloween party with games and prizes and trick-or-treating and we even brought in alligators and snakes and stuff.  It really turned out well, but having to work 3:30-9:30 p.m. on Saturday really messed up my weekend (picture of my Duchess of Darkness costume will be Wednesday!).  I also worked quite late on Tuesday and Wednesday for other things that were happening here.

But it’s okay because I’ll get it all back next week when I take the second half of the day on the 8th off and all of the 9th without having to use any of my PTO when I go to the other side of the state with B for his Navy Ball.  Coffee cup and workThat’ll be nice!

Lu sliced an inch-long cut along the side of one of her paw pads. I swear that between Chase, B and Lulu, I need to buy stock in first aid supplies.

B and I figured out how to rearrange my bedroom to fit both the dogs and a crate in there so that there is room for a puppy if we get it.  With his huge king size bed that will be coming in, there really isn’t much room for anything else.  I’ll have to take out the dresser but B is going to build a base for his bed that will have pull-out drawers instead, so that’ll work.  The cats will hate it, though, because there won’t be a place to hide under the bed… but they have the rest of the house.  Come to think of it, it will eliminate hairballs that I can’t reach under the bed… that’s a good thing!

This weekend B and I also went up to Grand Rapids to have dinner at Brannigan’s with my brother.  He’ll be leaving next week to go do training with Audi after he was scouted by them when he finished his degree in high-performance engine repair.  He’ll be in Pennsylvania for four months learning the intricacies of Audi cars and then will be sent to an Audi dealership that participates in the program (the dealership gets a qualified Audi repairman for at least a year in return for paying for his schooling).  He’s hoping that the Grand Rapids dealership participates as he likes the area and has a few friends from there.  Then both of my mom’s children will be on this side of the state… that is, until I move in 18 months or so.  Hopefully my brother will be able to make it home for Christmas as it might be our last Christmas together for quite a while.

This weekend I get my hair dyed red again (yay… I love it when it’s red!) for the first time in over a year and we’ll be going to a dog show in Indiana.  Good thing the time changes Sunday morning because we have to leave my house at 7, which will be 8 in today’s time.  That makes me feel better that I get an extra hour to sleep in!

Is it Friday yet?


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