The One About Getting a Puppy

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dogs have given us their absolute all.  We are the center of their universe.  We are the focus of their love and faith and trust.  They serve us in return for scraps.  It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. 
~Roger Caras

The decision has been made: B and I are getting a dog.  A Great Pyrenees to be exact.  It won’t be until theGreat Pyrenees puppy spring/summer, however.

We went to a dog show in Ft. Wayne, and met a Pyr breeder and we were able to speak with her and see one of her big males and a 16 month old female.  We also met some Bernese Mountain Dogs, which is the dog we were also kinda looking at. 

Unfortunately, Bernese are not only expensive ($1,000-$2,000 for a puppy) but their average life span is only 7 years.  They are so expensive because they are relatively rare… which also makes inbreeding and puppy mills a big problem with them.Adult Great Pyrenees

But the Pyrs just have some characteristics that we really want.  We heard from one breeder that one of her females will let anyone in the house when no one is home.  Case-in-point—one day her uncle had to get in the house for some reason while no one was there and the dog just let him in and really didn’t care.  A few hours later, the female owner was home and the uncle let himself in and was greeted by bared teeth and some growling.  The difference?  The dog’s family was home at the time and she wanted to protect them.  The breeder also told us that her dogs got more protective over her when she became pregnant… they just knew.

So there are lots of things to be done before a puppy arrives.  B has to officially move in, we have to tear up the carpets anAdult Great Pyreneesd re-do the wood floors and seal them well (protecting them from puppy accidents!), he has to build a platform for his king-size bed that has drawers underneath because we won’t have room for a dresser with a king-size bed, two dog beds and a puppy crate in there.

Lots of work to do… but I can’t wait for puppy kisses!



  1. Congrats! Great Pyrenees are beautiful dogs. What is the average life span of a Great P? I thought they were huge dogs too?

  2. Average life span is 10-12 years… not too bad for a large dog! And yeah, they are huge… about the size of a large greyhound or a smidge taller… but LOTS more body and hair. The males will be 100-130 pounds!

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