The One About Fostering

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
~William James

So I agreed to take in a foster for my local Greyhound adoption group, Compassion for Greyhounds. We are getting so many returns due to the Michigan economy that it’s hard to comprehend. Right now, we have eight dogs that are available… six of them have been returned from their owners and all of those six were because of financial struggles.

Three dogs is crazy in my house and I have said that I was done fostering after I adopted Lulu but since B and I are getting a puppy in the spring, I can’t say no to my group.

Plus, I want B to see how craaaaaaazy it is with three in my house… and what a difference it is to goChase and Lulu lounging on the couch from two dogs to three (insert evil grin here). With Greyhounds, two are a pair and three are a pack… and that includes adding pack mentality. Greys are just pack animals and having grown up in a pack environment (until they are 18 months old, they live in relatively large groups), that’s what they become. Everyone will be muzzled when outside (I do this anyway because Lulu is still quite puppy-like and doesn’t know her own strength yet) and when I’m not around.

It’s not that they are mean because they truly aren’t… it’s just that if two of them get into an argument (like all dogs do) the third will most likely join in and it’ll be two-on-one. And that can get out of hand.

Ah well, I have a crazy life… why not add another dog to the household?



  1. Hi There, why not add more? 🙂 We have had 5 of our own in our home (currently have 4 dogs) and will likely never have less. They are so much fun and keep us smiling.
    Having 3 or more greyhounds in a home is not at all like having 3 or more dogs of any other breed but you have probably already experienced that.

    Most of our friends have greyhounds too and whenever we visit or they visit us, the greyhounds always come with.

    When we go to greyhound events and meet up with friends, there have been as many as 25 – 30 greyhounds in a house – without any problems or issues.

    Loads of fun!

    Thank you for helping out the greyhounds…

  2. Yeah, I know. But my house is less than 1,100 sq feet with two of those rooms being dog-free (office-cat room and guest bedroom is off limits to all animals since I have friends that are allergic).

    It’s going to be hard trying to get another dog bed in the bedroom!

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