The One About Apartment Finding

Friday, November 30, 2007

Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.
~Robert C. Gallagher

B and I have been dating nearly five months now. And in a month, he’ll have to figure out if he wants to extend his stay on shore for six months or a year. With the new year getting closer, I have to start thinking about what will happen in 2009. B will either be assigned to the Navy base in Bangor, WA or in Kings Bay, GA.

Any of you who know me know I like to check things out in advance. With the way that the housing economy is going, I’m not sure how long it will take to sell my house. So we’ll probably have to look for an apartment and live there until we my house sells and we can find a place.

I love looking at apartments and houses online. One of the best places I found when I first moved to Southwest Michigan was apartmentfinder.com. Of course, that’s where I looked when I decided to look at homes around Washington (which is where we both want him to be assigned). I looked at the site for Portland Apartments (because I’ve heard good things about that city) and, of course, apartments around Bangor Naval Base in Washington.

I was extremely excited when I went to the site and found out that I could search for apartments specifically around military bases.

Back when I was looking for an apartment around here, I found Apartmentfinder.com really helpful. I really loved how I could search around a college (we have several around here) or around an address (great for when you want to find something close to where you work). They also make it really easy to see if the apartment is pet-friendly, has a washer/dryer in the apartment, a fitness center or even a pool—thanks to easy-to-understand icons. A lot of apartment finder sites are too busy and aren’t laid out well, but this one really is. I think I have something to keep checking back on for the next year!



  1. Each base usually has it’s own website with info about the base and surrounding areas. Often there are local links and advice about moving there.

  2. Hi,

    I saw the link to your blog on greytalk and noticed that your boyfriend may be re-locating to Kings Bay, GA – that’s where we live! If you come to the area, let me know and I may be able to help. Actually we may be moving sometime this year (not sure when though) and will have our house up for rent. Anyway, I know this is random, but thought I’d mention it!

    PS – I need another greyhound owner in the area – I currently know no one with a greyhound here!

  3. Sounds good. We wouldn’t be moving until next April (or next October if he decides to get a 6 month extension and it’s approved). Hopefully it’ll be Bangor in the Seattle area, though.

    No greyhounds in the area? Bummer… I’m terrified to move down there… what do you do about venomous snakes and the dogs?

  4. I don’t know much about venomous snakes and dogs. I have only seen one snake since we’ve been in Kingsland, GA and it was a harmless garden snake – not venomous. If you are used to a big city, you probably won’t like Kingsland/St. Marys, GA…it’s a very small town and there isn’t even a mall here! I miss Target and Starbucks 😦 I grew up in Panama City, FL where the beaches were white and sandy and then I move over here to the Atlantic coast and the sand is dark and muddy and has shells all in it – blech! Oh, well I’ll quit complaining now…as hopefully we’ll be moving soon!

  5. Well, that’s good that you haven’t seen many. While I’m in a larger town now (75,000), I grew up in a town of 2,000… and it was the LARGEST town in the county. We had to get on the highway and drive 45 minutes just to reach a Wal-Mart or chain restaurant that wasn’t Ponderosa (which even only came to town when I was 10 or so!).

    So I think I’d be okay. I just worry about finding a job down there… not much around without driving a long distance.

  6. I work on the north side of Jacksonville and it’s only a 30 minute drive for me. If you worked in downtown Jacksonville it would probably be about 45 minutes. There’s also Brunswick about 45 minutes north of here that is a little bigger. Anyway, best of luck!! Let me know if you end up down here 🙂

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