The One About Being a Slacker

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Christmas 2007 is a thing of the past, as is New Year’s 2008… and even Valentine’s Day has passed.  And yet, there has been no post from me.  I’m holding out my hands, palms down so you can use a ruler and rap me on the knuckles like they used to do in the by-gone years of school.

I’ve been busy.  But that’s not an excuse because we are all busy.  It’s just that I’ve been insanely busy at work and hadFlowers B sent me for Valentine’s Day several more large, on-going and projects added onto my slate.  The last thing I want to do when I get home is to get on the computer for very long and type.

Let’s see, Christmas was wonderful.  B and I went to my mom’s house for it (with the dogs, of course!) and it was great to see my brother, who has been in Philadelphia since October.  New Year’s Eve wasn’t the best because I had been sick for several days and then had to come in and work a 12 hour day for the museum’s New Year’s Eve party for kids.  While the party was good, it killed me and I relapsed and didn’t go back to work for several days afterward. 

B and I ended up going out to eat for dinner and then me begging to go home and lay on the couch.  I barely was awake for the ball drop and toasted the New Year with him before promptly falling asleep.  I felt horrible because it was the beginning of our first full year together.

On Sunday, January 20, B and I came home from a day in Canada (long drive for a day trip) and let the pups out.  I suddenly heard a really loud yelp that I knew came from Chase.  He wouldn’t stop panting that night (he’s a cold dog and it was one of the coldest nights of the year) and would only lay down for 20 minutes at a time until about 4 a.m. when he would only lay down for 15 seconds.

So I was at the vet’s as soon as they opened at 8 the next morning determined to wait until they either had an appointment or wait until someone was late/no showed. Luckily for me, the vet keeps the first few appointments open on Mondays for over-the-weekend needs. So as soon as the vet arrived at 9, Chase and I got in.

Long story short, the results were that Chase had some neurological problems that are caused from a disk that was very near rupturing. The vet thought Lulu ran into him and on the ice/snow and his body twisted a wrong way. She said that he was right on the edge of being “very bad” and that one wrong move (jumping down from the couch, Lu trying to play, etc) and the disc could rupture… permanently paralyzing him.

So Chase has been on crate rest for the past four weeks… two more weeks to go.  During crate rest, he has to be in a crate when we are gone (which he hated, but is okay with now because he gets marshmallows as treats when he goes in) and when we are sleeping.  When one of us are home, he can be out and about but only if we are in the room with him… and Lulu has to be crated so she doesn’t try to play and accidentally hurt him.  Oh, and the best part… he has to be leash walked in the backyard so that he doesn’t try to run or do anything that could hurt him.  B and I even had to make a ramp up the back yard steps so he didn’t try to jump up/down them. 

Chase can finally be let out to play on his own in two weeks (watched, of course, so he doesn’t overdo it).  The vet said it wouldn’t be until June before we could even all (the pups and I) go for a walk together and then AFTER that, Lulu and Chase could be allowed to play in the backyard together.  Actually, the vet said he may always have some weakness in his hind legs, so we’ll see.

B’s helped me out so much by walking Chase and stuff for me at times.  Moreso because I was sick for nearly a week two weeks ago (temp up to 102.3, chills, etc) and I couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch.  He’s such a sweetheart.

Speaking of being sweet, he surprised me with the flowers you see to the right for Valentine’s Day.  You can see how insanely large they are with the coffee cup I set next to them.  And man, they are gorgeous!


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  1. Hey- there you are! Glad to see you again! There seems to be an epidemic of busy lately. And of the flu.

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