The One About Thursday Thirteens- 12th Edition

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flowers really do intoxicate me.
~Vita Sackville-West

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it 🙂


Thirteen Smells I love


  1. Lilacs… they are my favorite smell in the world. And Tide came out with a lilac scented detergent… yay!
  2. Fresh-cut grass… most especially the first one of the year!
  3. Cookies baking in the oven. photo © ComputerHotline for openphoto.net
  4. Bread baking in the breadmaker (hmmm… I should bake some so B can have some when he returns from Washington!).
  5. A light vanilla scent.
  6. Lemon.
  7. Orange.
  8. Puppy breath (three more weeks and I can smell this every day!)
  9. Freshly sliced pineapple.
  10. Gasoline (weird, I know… but I’ve enjoyed it since I was a kid).
  11. Wildflowers.
  12. Hyacinths.
  13. The smell of B’s neck when I cuddle in next to him.


  1. I like, cookies, bread, vanilla & gasoline, too! I think the gasoline affinity is pretty common, actually. Not sure why, though!
    Happy T13!

  2. GAsoline… lol Me too! ANd Magic Markers! BLACK ONES!

    Great Thursday list! Come by my blog and have a laugh, dont laugh too hard!

  3. Lilacs are such a lovely smell!

  4. I just love the smell of lilacs in the Spring!


  5. OMG! I love the smell of cookies and puppy breath as well! 🙂

  6. I love Lilacs too! It tells me spring has truely arrived!

  7. I’m glad to know I am not the only one who likes the smell of gasoline!!! Maybe we could form a group or something!
    Thanks for coming by my T13.

  8. I like almost all of them, one I know I never smelled 😉
    Love lilacs, my weird one is chalk dust. Love that smell.
    Great TT, mine is up, a historical view of the thirties if you are interested.

  9. i always loved it when our lilac bushes bloomed when i was growing up!

  10. Lilacs are a little too strong for my asthmatic lungs, but for some reason, gasoline isn’t. Weird. You’d think that would be the other way around.

  11. I love lilac and can never find candles or lotion or anything with the scent. May have to actually do more dishes!!! 😉

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