The One About Winter and Leap Year Musings

Friday, February 29, 2008

February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer.
~Shirley Jackson

Why is it that people never cry, “Global Freezing!”? This has been the snowiest February on record and one of the coldest.  Yesterday, we got up to a high of 21… and our normal high is 20 degrees warmer than that!  I am really tired of this.  I keep telling myself that I only have one more winter left and since tomorrow is March, this winter is nearly done (though we can still get whollaped with a huge snow storm one week… but we usually have at least one 60 or 70 degree day in March).

Speaking of tomorrow being March, today is February 29, Leap Day and we won’t have another one for another four years.  Though I won’t be doing any leaping or hopping or jumping to celebrate it, it does make me think.

Four years ago, I was applying to a job at the nature center.  I’d start in the middle of March that year.  I had justcalendar-page.jpg graduated from college in December (3 1/2 years, yay!).  I would be moving down to Kalamazoo in April, where I am now. Now I’m working an world-renown aviation museum and I love my job.
Four years ago, my brother was a senior in high school.  Now he’s finished with his college education and has been scouted by Audi for their auto repair program.  He’ll be leaving for who knows where in the country (wherever they send him) in the next couple months.

Four years ago, my dad still had a year to live, though we didn’t know his heart was bad until days before he died.  Now, it’s been three years since he died and it seems both so far away and yet feels just like yesterday.

Four years ago, I only had one animal: Sadie, but was about to meet 4-week-old Jake and pick him out and take him home in April. Today, with my boyfriend, we have two Greyhounds, two cats, two Betta fish and one rat… and in three weeks, we’ll have a Great Pyrenees puppy.

Speaking of my boyfriend, four years ago I wasn’t dating anyone and now I’m in a relationship that I fully believe will go the distance.  Though I’ve dated here and there in four years, I really haven’t had a “serious” relationship since I was 20 and in college.

So much has happened in four years.  Makes me wonder where I will be in four years.

Four years ago, I was still only 21… four years from now, I’ll be a few months away from becoming 30.  Thirty?  I know it’s not old, but wow, my 20s have gone by so quickly.

In four years, B and I will be either in Georgia or Washington state… two completely different areas that will take our lives in opposite directions.  By the next Leap Year, we’ll have nearly completed his three year submarine duty rotation and will be getting ready for his three years of shore duty.  I doubt he’ll be a recruiter again, though.  Right now, he’s thinking of becoming an instructor for that shore rotation.

In four years, Chase will be 12 1/2… if he’s still around and Lulu will be 6 years old… just a few years away from being considered a “senior.”  And the Pyr puppy who is right now approaching 6 weeks old will be just over 4 years old… a solid adult at that time.  Sadie will be 11 and Jake will be a senior cat at 8.  Both the Bettas and the rat will be long gone by then.  But will there be any other animals?  Will I finally get back to my roots and have a horse once again?

In four years, there is a better-than-average chance that I’ll be a mom.  Will I be a mom who works outside the home, or a stay-at-home mom?  Honestly, if finances can work it, I’d love to either work from home or only work part-time.  But who knows… that’s four years from now.

Four years seems like such a long ways off… yet, the previous four years has flown by so quickly, so it can’t be as far off as it seems.  That’s one of the wonders and the best things about life… it’s constantly changing and you just never know where you will be or what will be happening from one year to the next.

So what about you?  What has happened in the last four years?  Where do you see yourself in the next four? I challenge each of you who are reading this to post your own Leap Year Musing and leave a link to it in my comment section.



  1. Great post!

    I met my boyfriend almost 4 years ago, getting married next month, and hoping to have a rugret or two in 4 years (and couple of dogs).

  2. AMEN about global freezing! ha ha. That is what we were saying when we were living in Utah this winter. It was freezing! we actually had some mug break because they were so cold and we would use them and they would explode!

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