The One About the Dog Show

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead. 
~Mac McCleary

B made it home just fine Sunday morning.  I love living near a small-town airport where I can leave my house, park the car at the airport, meet B at baggage and be back in the car and leaving the parking lot in under 25 minutes.

I’m still quite disappointed that I didn’t get to go to Washington because I haven’t been there before.   And. I. Love. Mountains.  *sigh*

On a good note, B told me he had a surprise for me for July and I was finally able to get it out of him.  I loooooove surprises… I just can’t stand not knowing things if I know there is something that I know that I don’t know (does that even make sense?  Oh well, it does to me.).  We are going to Mackinac Island… I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life (even living only two hours from the bridge) and while I’ve been across the bridge and even visited Fort Michilimackinac (Misch-il-a-mack-i-naw), I’ve never been to the island itself.  I had forgotten that I told B that I wanted to go before we moved and since it’s pretty much a summer visit place and there is no guarantee we’ll be here next summer… this summer is it!

So B was tired when he got in on Sunday (he was going from 2 a.m. EST and got in at 8:30 a.m. EST) so I knew he’d be tired.  Somehow I mentioned that it was too bad the Detroit Dog Show was this weekend instead of next because I really wanted to go.  B told me that we’d go and he’d just sleep on the dog beds in the back of my SUV.  That works!

I knew our Great Pyrenees (Pyr) puppy breeder would be there so we were able to talk to her.  She said the male puppies are 8 1/2 pounds at only 5 weeks (they were 6 weeks as of yesterday) and are three pounds ahead of schedule. She also told us that there are no shy puppies nor any bossy ones in the litter so far and they are very curious about everything and haven’t shied away from anything she’s put near them (vacuum cleaner, etc.) They also aren’t aggressive play-fighters and are just happy, contented, laid-back puppies. She’s very happy with the litter.

Unfortunately, there is only one pup with real color (which she was surprised because both mom and dad have color) and while it is a boy, she’s keeping him if he’s show quality… if not, she said we get him!

The person who shows her dogs is flying in this weekend to help her choose the show dogs because she is keeping two and one other person will possibly want a show dog, but isn’t completely committed yet. And if they are doing well weight-wise, we might be able to bring our boy home next weekend on Sunday the 16th (one day before he turns 8 weeks)… otherwise it’ll be the following Saturday.

Puppy breath… I can’t wait!!!!!!


One comment

  1. How sweet – your puppy is almost here! I am planning to get a leonberger next year… Just a bit bigger then pyr :o))))

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