The One About Wordless Wednesday- 14th Edition

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The present joys of life we doubly taste by looking back with pleasure on the past.
~Marcus Aurelius

It’s Wordless Wednesday again!

Colorado trip June 2005. Have I mentioned that I love mountains?
(click to see a larger version)

Valley and Mountains

Rapids along the road

Part of Boulder Falls

Cloud tendrils reaching down

Mountain sheep butting heads

Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park



  1. Beautiful pictures! Happy WW!

  2. amazing photos.dream come true for me i could visit those places myself.HAPPY WW.Check out mine too

  3. beautiful pictures, love the waterfall. Thanks for sharing. Mine is 1st birthday. Happy WW!

  4. Bee-YOO-tiful!! I haven’t been to Colorado yet – but your pics make it look so open, relaxing and inviting. Happy WW!

  5. Beautiful! I’d love to go out west.


  7. Beautiful photos 🙂 Happy WW

  8. Just wanted to say Hello and let you know that you have been tagged at my place for a Make a wish meme.

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