The One About Meeting the Puppy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
~Josh Billings

After a bit of miscommunication last week, B and I went to pick out our Great Pyrenees puppy on Sunday (we had originally thought we were bringing him home that day). I’m leaving work early on Friday and going to drive the hour and a half to pick him up, take him an hour to my mom’s (she wants to see him before he gets too grown up) and then drive the two hours back home so that we get back in time that it’s still somewhat light out and we can introduce Chase and Lulu to him outside in neutral territory.

He is so absolutely adorable… he’s got a mask of coloring and one spot just at the base of his tail on his back (that may or may not fade when his adult hair comes in). He’s all fuzz and is so adorably cuddly. I want to show you pictures, I really do… but you’ll just have to come back for tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday to see pictures of this cute ball of energetic fluff.

We have decided to name him Matoskah, which means “white bear” in Sioux. It’s a great fit because one of the breeders is Native American and in the Bear Clan (albeit he’s Oneida) and these dogs really look big white bears. They have the square bear heads and everything. The breeder told us on Sunday that the Oneida word for “bear” is Ohkwal, which is pretty cool, but the nickname “Skah” rolls off the tongue easier than “Kwal.” And for some reason, I keep hearing Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days talking about her “love dog” Crawl, who’s an ugly Chinese Crested. So no “Kwal” for me!

Skah is the second biggest in the litter (of nine) and his brother only outweighs him by eight ounces. The boys are several pounds heavier than the girls already. And of course, B picks the one who is the “most active.” He is the last to fall asleep and will only do that after all his brothers and sisters fall asleep and he can’t get them to wake up and play (and he tries hard to get them to wake up!).

And, of course, he’s very tenacious and will go after what he wants (to eat B’s shirt and jeans on Sunday) until he is finally convinced that you aren’t going to give in to his cute little pleading brown puppy eyes. These dogs are normally very independent (like if you tell them to come inside, they will stand there and think if it is worth it for them to come in and how serious you are that they need to come in right now). But apparently, this pup is even more independent than normal. Oh man…. I’m envisioning many, many battles of wills with this dog.

Stay tuned for puppy pics tomorrow. You won’t want to miss them!



  1. Yay, puppy’s home! How exciting! I cannot wait to see the pics tomorrow.

    Editor’s Note: Well, he’ll be home on Friday… almost home!

  2. Every day is a battle with puppies but one you do not mind losing from time to time.

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