The One About Thursday Thirteens- 17th Edition

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Truth hurts – not the searching after; the running from! 
~John Eyberg

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it )

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Searches that Brought People to My Blog

  1. number of sunny days in grand rapids mic (Yup, I was comparing SW Michigan to Seattle!)
  2. crazy dogs (I have a few of those!)
  3. nudist colony (Seriously? how did that bring up my blog?)
  4. kitty litter cake (Made one of these for my co-worker who got a new cat. Quite funny.)
  5. abandoned rescued coyote (That would be one of the blogs I frequent. See link to the right)
  6. huge greyhound (Yup, have one of those too!)
  7. pictrues of greyhounds in “life or somet (Sounds like someone was trying to specifically find my blog. Yay!)
  8. deer car accidents (That would be B’s accident)
  9. how many calories in a turkey wrap? (Mmmm… I’m hungry!)
  10. flappy lips (Ha-ha… that brought them to the page where I posted a video of Lulu’s lips flapping in the wind while sticking her head out my sunroof (see my TT header)! Um, but what are they REALLY trying to find?)
  11. deer heard (I don’t know what the deer heard. Could they be looking for a deer HERD?)
  12. can i put my wall oven next to my fridge (I don’t know. Do you have enough room?)
  13. satin couch (Wow, that might be a bit slippery! And satin snags easily. I don’t recommend it unless you aren’t going to sit on it)


  1. I cannot remember how I found you, but it’s none of the 13 listed… :o) Have a great TT!

  2. It’s me again! What kind of doggie? Something on a bigger scale. I would love to get a leonberger, but they are rare in shelters. Mark wants a lab, which I would be OK with, too. I guess anything in between is in consideration as well.

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