The One About the Dirty Weekend

Monday, April 7, 2008

There aren’t enough days in the weekend.
~Rod Schmidt

Yeah, my quote above just about says it.  I’ve always wondered why in the world we work 2 1/2 times as many days as what we get to just enjoy life. *sigh* Sometimes I just want to be a kid again and at least be able to look forward to a summer off.

So B and I went to one of his friend’s apartments for a cookout and to do some mudding with the Jeep.  Yeah, mudding.  We didn’t end up going mudding in the Jeep, however we did go in a couple of quads (4-wheelers) that the friend and his friends had.  The apartment complex where they live has a lot of undeveloped land around it and they have been given the okay by management to use it for their quads.

Now, I grew up in the northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan so I’ve been around quads before.  Heck, I grew up riding three-wheelers… started driving them by myself when I was 7.  We had Hondas and in fact, my brother’s first word was “Honnnnnnnnnda!”  In the winter, I’d take the three wheeler out, attach a long rope to the back of it and attach our saucer or sled to the rope.  Then I’d pull my brother around the yard and try to get it going so fast he’d fly off.  Good times!

I’ve been on quads before but had never actually driven one, but I wasn’t worried because they are more stable than three-wheelers.  B, for some reason, didn’t think I’d want to get dirty (there were several mud pits that we could drive in).  Pheesh.  Apparently he doesn’t know me and hasn’t seen me get my “country” on and go back to my roots.  He sometimes forgets where I came from and thinks that I’m a city girl.

The last ride around, I took the lead at the end and went through a mud puddle.  I got drenched and was covered in mud from head to toe (minus the area where my goggles were). My hair was even soaked with the mud in places.  Granted, I didn’t think the muddy water would splash up into my face/chest and thought it would just get my legs, but I didn’t care.  B was shocked.  HA!  I showed him.

That was Saturday, so we decided to get some work done on Sunday.  With another lovely day in the lower 60s, it was perfect weather to get some yardwork done.  My neighbors on one side like to keep prickly things like roses and other thorny bushes along the fenceline.  That’s great… as long as it is on their side.  They never trim them back, so at least twice a year, I have to go out and trim all the bushes that are on my side… which makes the thorns eye-level for my dogs.

B started the trimming of the thorny things and I used the power cutter to trim the tree branches along my driveway and the bushes in front of the house.  Then I went to the backyard to help B trim the thorny things.

We were nearly finished when I started on one of the last thorny bushes.  It didn’t have thorns all over, just spikey things at the end of the branch.  I stepped in it to try to break it off.  Thinking it was broken off, I lifted my foot.  That’s when it happened.  The vampire branch whipped back to life tagging me in my left outer thigh and my right inner calf.

I just said ouch, because while it hurt, it wasn’t an unbearable pain.  I looked down to see if there was a thorn sticking out of my jeans when all of a sudden blood just started appearing through them.  Kind of like you see on TV when someone gets shot.  Once it soaked through in a tiny dot, that dot quickly spread to about half the size of a fist. B and I were just staring at it in shock when he finally said, “Uh, you might want to go inside to the bathroom and take care of that.”

I agreed and as I was walking across the yard, I could feel the blood running down my leg into my socks.  Once I stripped the soaked jeans off,  and started cleaning up my leg to find out how bad the cut was, I found the source: a simple, tiny prick no bigger than the head of a small pin. The prick on my calf wasn’t bleeding much but it hurt much more for some reason.  I grabbed some gauze and started trying to stem the flow of the blood on my thigh when I heard B come in and say, “Do we need to take you to the hospital?”

I looked at the small cut on my thigh and just laughed and said, “Uh, no, definitely not.”  He came in to see how I was doing and we were both amazed that that much blood came from such a tiny wound.

Then I started feeling a bit dizzy (no, blood doesn’t bother me) so I sat on the floor of the bathroom and B brought me some water.  A rash was starting to appear around the prick on my calf and I was having a hard time getting the strength to even hold the glass.  So B grabbed me some Benedryl because we were pretty sure I was having an allergic reaction to whatever the bush was.

The fingers on one of my hands swelled a bit and I was a bit dizzy, but once the Benedryl started working, the rash didn’t progress any.  I think I ended up taking a three hour nap!

I’m still a bit shaky today, though feeling much better.  I have a nice bruise around the prick on my outer thigh and a slight rash still around the one in my calf.

All in all, it was a nice weekend, though!



  1. How freaky. Definitely try to find out what kind of plant it is. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. You would have thought the dangers would have been while you were mudding it. But a plant who would believe it

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