The One About Wordless Wednesdays- 20th Edition

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.
~Benjamin Franklin

It’s Wordless Wednesday again!

Me n’ my boys:

Me \'n the Boys



  1. Pretty doggies! You all look very happy.

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  2. All I could manage this week was a post of my dog, I lend absolutely nothing to the picture so thus I left myself out! Happy WW

  3. It’s very nice to meet you guys! Skah is getting sooo big! Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Such sweet dogs! I love having a furry being in our house. He adds a dimension to our life that I can barely put into words. I wish more folks “got” the dog thing.

    I’ve posted my Wordless Wednesday contribution here, and hope you’ll be able to drop by and say hi:

    Have a wonderful rest-of-WW!


  5. Great picture. Love the dogs!
    Happy WW!

  6. What beautiful boys you have!!

  7. Oh, how cute are those puppies! Happy WW

  8. What pleasurable company you are in, boys that don`t answer bark oops back

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