The One about Being Unsuccessful

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weird… I posted this a week ago and it never showed up…

Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.
~Woody Allen

Remember me? Probably not. If Woody is correct, I guess I haven’t really succeeded lately in the blogging world. It’s been way too long since I wrote anything. Summertime is just so busy because there is always something to do outside or someplace you want to go on the weekend so the week is full of catch-up on housework.

See, in Michigan, we get something like a month or two of nice weather before winter hits again. And we try to take advantage of it as much as we can. We have to soak up the heat whenever we can just so we keep ourselves warm for the next winter. I’m exaggerating… but just a bit. It’s been in the 90s the last few days with yesterday being 94 and HUMID—and of course, that was the day that I had to be outside for several hours. Word to the wise: the new sunscreen that sprays at any angle and is a “dry sunscreen” that is waterproof and sand resistant DOES NOT WORK if there is the slightest breeze. I have a randomly-patterned sunburn to prove it. I’m nice and tan where it went on and red and lobster-y where the wind blew it away from my skin.

Since my last post, B has completely moved in. I thought him helping share expenses would ease the burden of the rising cost of everything and help me relax a bit about bills. But so far it hasn’t because everything is still rising. I’m at the point where if an opportunity I’m looking into doesn’t work out, I’m going to have to find a part-time job waitressing or something on top of my 40-50 hour a week work schedule just to get some padding in the bank. Right now I have none… and that’s scary.

B and I also took two weeks of much-needed vacation. I’ve never had two weeks off before (well, since summer vacation when I was in middle school). Because of gas prices, we were unable to do the road trip we had planned (Texas to see B’s mom and St. Louis area to see his dad, brother, grandma and nieces). We ended up staying around here for a week and then going to see his family in the St. Louis area for a week. It was fine, but I think six days with anyone’s family (even mine) would be enough to drive anyone insane.

The window has opened for B’s chance to look for orders for next April. Apparently, the information is only available two weeks every so often and this week the person that he has to work with (forgive me for not knowing the proper terminology yet) to get the information/approval/website/code/something is on leave until Monday. We’re hoping at least one position in Washington is open next week but if it’s not, we’ll wait until the next time the orders are opened to look again… it’d probably be another month before it is. He has until October to choose orders. If he doesn’t, he’ll be given them and we both know what that means: Southern Georgia—because it’s closer by nearly 1,200 miles (so the Navy doesn’t have to pay to move him as far).

Keep your fingers crossed for Washington.



  1. Well hello there! I have a similar feeling about winters coming to soon here in NE Ohio. Brrr! Keeping the fingers crossed for B :o)
    How are your doggies?

  2. Welcome back!

    April is our month as well. Hubby’s orders fell through, so he’s negotiating new ones. We are going to try to stay in MD another year. Hope you guys get what you’re hoping for!

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