The One About Thursday Thirteens- 25th Edition

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.
~Franklin P. Jones

It’s time for the Thursday Thirteen again. If you have a Thursday Thirteen of your own, leave your website in the comments section and I’ll try my darndest to visit it )

Thirteen Things I Need to Do to Get Ready For the Yard Sale This Weekend

  1. Sort through all the stuff in the basement and figure out stuff of mine to keep and what stuff of B’s to keep.
  2. Figure out which clothes to sell.
  3. Washsaid clothes.
  4. Determine what I’m going to ask for for each item and price mark it.
  5. Oh, that reminds me, we need to get pricing stickers of two colors—one color for me and one for B.
  6. And we need to get big posterboards to put up signs at the corners.
  7. I need to bring home the balloons and streamers from work that are left over from a co-worker’s birthday so I can put those up too.
  8. Clean all items.
  9. Try to borrow some tables to put stuff on.
  10. Try to get all the stuff outside (washer/dryers are heavy!)
  11. Get lots of change and small bills from the bank.
  12. Find a change box or something to use as a cash register.
  13. Pray that people show up because I need stuff gone and could really use the money.

So what are your plans for the holiday weekend?



  1. Finding enough tables is always my problem too! Happy tt and stop by mine!

  2. Hope your sale goes well. I personally love to go to garage sales but when it comes to having one I just as soon bless someone else with it rather than go through the process. Hope you don’t get rained out from the left overs of Faye.

  3. More power to you for having a garage sale, I’ve never managed to muster the energy to put one together. It sounds so easy, but I know from a long-ago experience, it’s not!
    Good luck!

  4. Wow, looks like you have a busy weekend ahead. I hope your sale is a success. Great TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

  5. My husband and I keep talking about having a yard sale, just haven’t gotten the motivation to do it. Good luck. Hope it goes well.

  6. I’ll be studying and will wtop by at FIL side of family reunion. Yipeee! Have a wonderful holiday weekend :o)

  7. Good luck with your sale. I hope you sell a lot. I’m having one next weekend and need to do most of the same things, especially #13!!!!

  8. It is really tiring to have backyard sale. I did it before til I gave up and put all the items on eBay.

  9. Oh boy, yard sales are a lot of work. Hope you made a lot of money!

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