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The One About My Interview

Friday, January 16, 2009

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.
~Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

I really need to get back in the game. While I haven’t been posting much, I have been keeping up with everyone else’s blogs (thanks to Google RSS Reader!). So when Ivanhoe at From Ohio With Love asked her readers who wants to get interviewed, I thought it would be a good way to try to jump back into the swing of things. Thanks Ivanhoe!

Here we go! Ivanhoe is asking and I’m answering.

1. What have you been up to these last couple of months while neglecting blogging?

Yeah, I have been kinda neglecting it, haven’t I?  Well, I’ve been busy putting together my package to become a Direct Commissioned Officer (DCO) in the United States Navy Reserve.  More specifically, I’m putting in to become a Public Affairs Officer (PAO). It’s highly selective and usually 1-4 people are selected each year from a group of 2,400 (or so I was told by my recruiter). This year, however, they are selecting 19-24… so odds are 10x better… but they are still a 1 in 240 chance!

Anyway, it’s a long process with lots of paperwork, photos (to make sure I’d look good on camera) and the like. I also had to do interviews. Interviews with current/retired PAOs are the best and with as high-ranking as you can is even better.  I managed to get three interviews (only one was set up by my recruiter) with three PAO Captains. In fact, I was able to score–by myself–an interview with a Captain at the Pentagon. And yes, I flew to D.C. and actually interviewed at the Pentagon.

I’m also trying to lose about 10 pounds before I get weighed in (if I’m selected) and trying to do better physically. See… I can do a total of ONE military-style, proper push-up in two minutes. I need to be able to do at LEAST 15 but 19 would be better. I have to do AT LEAST 47 sit-ups, but 54 would be better.  And here’s the kicker: I have to run a 1.5 mile in less than 15:45… but 14:53 would be better.  I’m not a runner. Even when I was in the best shape of my life with about 7% body fat, I couldn’t run more than 1/2 mile without walking. Running will be the death of me.

So I’ve joined my gym’s “body boot camp” and it’s killing me… in the first week. Heck, we had to run/walk a 5K on Tuesday and I’m still feeling it. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything more than a 1.5 mile run EVER. And it took me 49:36 to complete… definitely needs improvement!

2. Can you give us an update on your three awesome dogs?

Dogs are fine. They are HATING the cold. This morning, we finally found a temperature that ensures Mr. Skah of-the-fuzzy-butt returns inside immediately after doing his duties outside.  That temperature would be -5 with a windchill of -25.  At that temperature, the fuzzy, fluffy puppy ceases to play “catch me if you can,” “I can run faster than you” and the most favored game of all: “I’m not coming in and you can’t make me.” It is at that temperature that we the humans don’t even have to go outside and encourage him in… he runs to the door himself.

Speaking of the fuzzy Great Pyrenees puppy, Skah will be turning ONE YEAR OLD next Wednesday. One year! I can’t believe it. He was 92 pounds back on Thanksgiving when we found out he was deaf (see previous post for that info) but two months later, I’m thinking he’s around 105 or so. We’ll get him weighed on his birthday to see.

Chase and Lulu, the Greyhounds, are hating the cold, too. Lulu is my snow puppy but the last few days of negative temperatures have made BOTH of the Greys hesitate to go outside and painfully limp back to the house immediately after doing what they need to do. The snow is so cold out there that it’s physically painful for them to walk on.

3. What book did you read recently and what it was about?

The most recent book was “Amazing Gracie.” It was written by one of the guys who founded Three Dog Bakery and was about the Great Dane puppy they got… who was deaf. It was because of this deaf puppy’s unique food preferences that they started the bakery. I got the book and read it when I was still trying to find more information about living with a deaf dog.  It’s a great read, though, even if you don’t have a deaf dog.

4. If you won a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Um, right now… anywhere warm. I’d love to take a vacation to a sunny, beachy place. Of course, I’d love to go somewhere where there was some great history and I could tour the area (a WARM area, of course). What’s warm right now? Is southern Spain warm? Really, anywhere where I’ll finally get the feeling back in my feet and my fingernails won’t be perpetutally purple.

5. What is the first thing you do when you come home from work?

The first thing I do is take the dogs outside. They haven’t peed in 8 hours, so they need to go! Then I generally sit on the couch and love on them and calm them down since they act like I’ve been gone an eternity.
Now if you’d like to be interviewed:

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Easy, eh?  Get to it!


The One About the Weight

Monday, September 17, 2007

I keep trying to lose weight… but it keeps finding me!
~Author Unknown

It’s that time once again. Two and a half years ago, I lost 14 pounds and then yo-yo-ed with an additional five after that. I started gaining it back last winter and for each of the set of two steroid packets I had to take for the tonsillitis, I gained five pounds. Yes, that’s right… I weigh 10 pounds more than I did at the beginning of June. Fuuuun.

So I’m back to my diet as of this morning. I’ll be eating six times a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack)Scale but will only be eating approximately 1,200 calories a day. Last time, it only took me six weeks or so to lose it, so I’m hoping to have the majority of it gone by the Military Ball (November 8… 7 weeks away).

Granted, I lost 6 pounds in one week during that time because my dad was so sick and then he died. Not feeling hungry to eat anything at all will do that to you… but I don’t recommend it. My body was only able to keep it off because I had been working out and on the diet the weeks before and I kept up the diet after (I was in a bit of a depression and got really sick with a horrible sinus infection, so I didn’t feel like working out). This time I know it will take longer as I’m two years older and I will be working this off naturally instead of a bad event happening.

So I’ll have a page up under my “Pages” section that will be updated with diet stuff. You can follow it with me. I might even put tips and tricks up there too.

I know there are a million different diets out there and there are people who can prove that each diet works, but when you come right down to it, you don’t need them. It’s a simple scientific fact: your weight directly corresponds to how many calories you eat vs. how many you expend. To lose weight, you need to be using up more calories than you eat. To maintain, you need to have equal numbers. That’s it. Honestly. The hardest part of a diet like this is to figure out how many calories you need and calculating the calories in each food you are eating.

Anyway, more on that in the “Pages” section, which will be called “The Great Weight Debate.” Why? Because I like rhymes!

B will also be doing the diet with me. He says he wants to lose 40 pounds. That may sound like a lot, but with him being 6’5″, it takes a lot to make any difference at all. Though, honestly, I like him just the way he is but I support him in whatever he wants to do.

As for the weekend, I was able to accomplish 4 1/2 of my 6 goals. Lulu is now up-to-date on her shots, I opened a credit union account (and they think they can drop the interest rate on my car from 5.99% to a flat 5%.. yay!) though I still have to officially switch stuff over, I spent time with B (gotta love that!) and I did catch up on my sleep (and I think my flare is over… yay!). The half goal? I cleaned my bedroom (no more clothes everywhere) and did some dishes and picked up and vacuumed the livingroom (no more ticker-tape parade, Greyhound-style). I didn’t get as much cleaning as I’d have liked to, but it’s a good start. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see my two friends from Holland, but they never called me to tell me what was going on. Another time, I guess.